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Date Picker

This control creates a date selection interface.

<Control type="date_picker" name="date_picker_name" label="Date picker control" format="d/m/y" />


  • default - Defines the default value of the control.
    Type: string
  • format - Defines the format of the date's value.
    Type: string
    Default: d/m/Y
  • label - Defines the label of the control which will be displayed in the page builder.
    Type: string
  • name - Defines the name of the control which will be referenced to render the control value.
    Type: string

Rendering the control value

The value can be rendered in a template, style, or script.

In a template, use Get or Loop to render the control value.

<Get control=date_picker_name />

<Loop control=date_picker_name>
<Field value />

For example, you can have a template that is displaying a calendar and you want to highlight a specific date:

<Loop control=date_picker_name>
<div class="my-date" data-date="{Field value}">
<Field value />

In a style, use the standard syntax to refer to SASS variables.

time[datetime="#{$date_picker_name}"] {
color: red;

In a script, use the standard syntax to refer to JS variables.



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