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For loop type lifter_membership, here are the query parameters and fields.

Query parameters

  • access_plan - Access Plan ID(s) assigned to a membership.
    Type: string, array

  • enrolled - Current user is enrolled
    Type: boolean

  • has_free_access_plan - Membership has free access_plan.
    Type: boolean

  • instructor - Instructor ID(s) or "current" assigned to a membership.
    Type: string, array

  • is_purchasable - Membership is purchasable(at least one access plan + at least one gateway enabled), "true"/"false" .
    Type: boolean

  • student - Student ID(s) or "current" enrolled in a membership.
    Type: string, array


  • access_plans - Membership access plans.

  • associated_posts - List loop of associated posts with the membership - can contain membership restricted post, page, custom post, membership auto-enroll course, course that has at least one access plan with members-only

  • auto_enroll_courses - Children Loop of the auto enrollment courses

  • content - Membership content

  • has_free_access_plan - Membership has free access_plan.

  • instructors - Children Loop instructors

  • is_purchasable - Membership is purchasable.

  • membership_id - Membership ID

  • redirect_page_url - Restricted Access Redirect - when a non-member attempts to access content restricted to the membership

  • restriction_add_notice - Whether or not to add an on screen message when content is restricted by the membership

  • restriction_notice - Restriction notice to display

  • sales_page_url - The URL to a WP Page or Custom URL when sales page redirection is enabled

  • student_count - Retrieve the number of enrolled students in the membership.

  • students - Students Loop based on enrollment status in the membership.