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For loop type lifter_lesson, here are the query parameters and fields.

Query parameters

  • course - Course ID or "current" for current course where the lesson is assigned.
    Type: string

  • enrolled - Current user is enrolled, "true"/"false"
    Type: boolean

  • is_available - Is lesson is available based on drip settings, "true"/"false"
    Type: boolean

  • is_complete - If the lesson has been completed by a specific user, "true"/"false"
    Type: boolean

  • is_drip_past - Is lesson drip time past, "true"/"false"
    Type: boolean

  • is_free - If the lesson is marked as "free", "true"/"false"
    Type: boolean

  • quiz - Quiz ID or "current" for current quiz of the lesson it is assigned.
    Type: string

  • section - Section ID or "current" for current section where the lesson is assigned.
    Type: string

  • user - User ID.
    Type: string


  • audio - Lesson audio embed

  • available_date - Get the date a course became or will become available according to element drip settings - if no drip, published date used

  • content - Lesson content

  • date_available - Date when lesson becomes available, applies when drip_method is "date"

  • days_before_available - The number of days before the lesson is available, applies when drip_method is "enrollment" or "start"

  • drip_method - What sort of drip method to utilize [''(none)|date|enrollment|start|prerequisite]

  • has_prerequisite - If Lesson has prerequisite, "true"/"false"

  • has_quiz - If Lesson has quiz, "true"/"false"

  • id - Lesson ID

  • is_available - If Lesson is available, "true"/"false"

  • is_complete - If Lesson is completed by specific user, "true"/"false"

  • is_drip_past - If Lesson has drip is past, "true"/"false"

  • is_free - If Lesson is marked as "free", "true"/"false"

  • is_orphan - If Lesson is an orphan, "true"/"false"

  • next_step_title - Lesson next step title

  • next_step_url - Lesson next step url

  • parent_course - Lesson parent course

  • parent_section - Lesson parent section

  • points - Number of points assigned to the lesson, used to calculate the weight of the lesson when grading courses

  • prerequisite - Lesson prerequisite

  • prev_step_title - Lesson previous step title

  • prev_step_url - Lesson previous step url

  • quiz - Lesson quiz

  • require_assignment_passing_grade - If Lesson require assignment passing grade, "true"/"false"

  • require_passing_grade - If Lesson require passing grade, "true"/"false"

  • time_available - Optional time to make lesson available on date_available when drip_method is "date"

  • user_has_access - If User has access to the lesson, string "true"/"false"

  • video - Lesson video embed