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Advanced Custom Fields

The Loop and Field tags support the following ACF field types.

Basic fields

These field types can be displayed simply with the Field tag.

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Number
  • Email
  • URL
  • Password

Content fields

WYSIWYG editor

Use the acf_editor attribute.

<Field acf_editor=field_name />


Use the acf_oembed attribute.

<Field acf_oembed=field_name />


This is for the ACF field type "Tangible Template" (under Content section) added by the plugin.

Use the acf_template or template attribute to render the template field.

<Field acf_template=field_name />

Date fields

Date, date-time, and time picker

Use the acf_date, acf_date_time, or acf_time attribute.

<Field acf_date=field_name />
<Field acf_date_time=field_name />

Date format

Optionally, use the format and locale attributes to apply date formatting.

<Field acf_date=field_name format="l j F Y" locale=fr />

For format syntax and available locales, see Format: Date.

Use format=default to use the site setting from Settings -> General -> Date Format.



Use the acf_select attribute for a field with single selected value.

<Field acf_select=field_name />

For multiple values, use the Loop tag.

<Loop acf_select=field_name>
<Field />


Use the Loop tag and acf_checkbox attribute.

<Loop acf_checkbox=field_name>
<Field />


Use the acf_radio attribute.

<Field acf_radio=field_name />


Use the acf_true_false attribute.

<If acf_true_false=field_name>
<Else />

Choice labels

Use the Field tag and field=label to get the label of the chosen value.

<Field acf_select=field_name field=label />

Use the Loop tag and field=labels for fields with multiple values.

<Loop acf_select=field_name field=labels>
Label: <Field />


Use the Loop tag and field=choices to loop through the available choices of a field.

<Loop acf_select=field_name field=choices>
Value: <Field value /><br/>
Label: <Field label /><br/>

It is a list of choices with value and label fields.


For these field types, use the Loop tag to get associated content.

Use the Field tag as a shortcut to get a subfield. For example:

<Field acf_file=field_name field=title />


Use the acf_file attribute.

<Loop acf_file=field_name>
<Field title />
<Field acf_file=field_name field=url />

See Attachment Loop for available fields.


Use the acf_image attribute.

<Loop acf_image=field_name>
<Field title />
<Field acf_image=field_name field=url />

See Attachment Loop for available fields.

Use the acf_link attribute.

<Loop acf_link=field_name>
<Field title />
<Field acf_link=field_name field=url />

Available fields are: url, title, and target.

Post object

Use the acf_post attribute.

<Loop acf_post=field_name>
<Field title />

See Post Loop for available fields.


Use the acf_relationship attribute.

<Loop acf_relationship=field_name>
<Field title />

See Post Loop for available fields.


Use the acf_taxonomy attribute.

<Loop acf_taxonomy=field_name>
<Field title />

See Taxonomy Term Loop for available fields.


Use the acf_user attribute.

<Loop acf_user=field_name>
<Field full_name />

See User Loop for available fields.

Use the acf_gallery attribute.

<Loop acf_gallery=field_name>
<Field title />

See Attachment Loop for available fields.



Use the acf_repeater attribute.

<Loop acf_repeater=field_name>
<Field title />

All field types are supported inside a repeater loop, including another repeater field.

Flexible content

Use the acf_flexible attribute.

<Loop acf_flexible=field_name>
<Field title />

All field types are supported inside a flexible content loop, including another flexible content field.


Use the field layout to check which layout was chosen for each item.

<If field=layout value=layout_1>
Layout 1
<Else if field=layout value=layout_2 />
Layout 2


To display multiple fields, use the acf_group attribute.

<Loop acf_group=group_field_name>
<Field sub_field_name />
<Field another_sub_field />

To display a single field within the group, combine the group field name with the sub-field name using an underscore.

<Field group_field_name_sub_field_name />

Fields from options page

ACF provides a function called acf_add_options_page to add options pages to store global settings.

To get fields from an options page, use the Field or Loop tag with the attribute from=options.