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Getting started with Tangible Blocks

What is Tangible Blocks?

Tangible Blocks brings the speed and efficiency of L&L markup to block-building for WordPress. With just a few lines of L&L, you can publish powerful blocks with custom controls that interact with your site’s content dynamically. Similar to the Template post type in Loops & Logic, Tangible Blocks uses the Block post type, which has the same template, style, and script tabs as in L&L, but adds a controls tab that allows you to define builder controls that work natively in Gutenberg, Elementor, and Beaver Builder. The value of these controls can be referenced in the template to affect how the template works and what content it displays.

What’s the difference between Tangible Blocks and Loops & Logic?

Tangible Blocks and Loops & Logic are similar in that they both allow you to write templates using the same simple markup. However, while templates in L&L can only be added to a page or post as-is, blocks built with Tangible Blocks have editor controls that allow you to change the behaviour of the template using user-friendly builder controls. The language used to write templates in both plugins is often simply referred to as “L&L markup.”

Where can I try Tangible Blocks for myself?

Tangible Blocks is still in beta as we fine-tune the product and get it ready for release. If you're interested in turning your Loops & Logic templates into universal blocks for the three currently-supported page builders, join the waitlist here and we'll invite you into the beta as we have space.

How can I learn to use Tangible Blocks?

We're currently working on creating onboarding guides and documentation to support block engineers in their block-building journey. At the moment, we're using live Zoom calls to introduce new users to working with Tangible Blocks, but we're working on making that documentation publicly available here. For now, sign up for the beta waitlist using the link above to get a tour around the plugin.