What is an array?

Common in many languages (such as PHP, the language in which WordPress itself is built), the term array is also sometimes simply called a list. It's used to refer to data that represents a collection of elements. In L&L, arrays are separated by commas without spaces. In the example below, the value of the category attribute contains an array or a comma-separated list. Since there are no spaces and commas are not a special character in L&L, arrays within the value of attributes can be written with or without quotes around them. Attributes that accept arrays in their value are indicated in the documentation.

<Loop type=post category=recipes,crafts,decor>

What is an associative array?

Associative arrays are similar to regular arrays and are sometimes called maps. Each item in the array contains a key which is associated with a value, also known as a key-value pair. Associative arrays are less common when working with L&L, but they can be created or looped through using the Map tag.

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