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This script generates documentation pages from the codebase of Template System and Template System Pro.


Run the NPM script.

npm run gen

On initial run, it clones Git repositories in generate/vendor, which is ignored from the Docs repo.

On subsequent runs, it will generate pages from installed repos.

Update repos

Optionally, add the command update to perform Git pull on every repo.

npm run gen update

This will keep them fresh. It is not done automatically because network requests may take time.


Watch for changes in vendor folder's Markdown files, and re-generate.

npm run gen:watch

Currently this only watches in the system export mode (see below).

If you have a central place for Git repos on your local system, you can replace the installed repos in generate/vendor with a symbolic link to your repo, for example, ~/lib/modules/template-system.

This can be convenient for developing the module and its documentation at the same time, as a kind of documenation-driven development.

Export modes

The script is organized into export modes, which can be run individually.

npm run gen [mode]
  • loops
    • Extract loop type definitions from Template System
    • Save them to generate/loop-types as JSON files
    • These are imported from docs/dynamic-tags/loop to render a table of query parameters and fields.
  • pro
    • Same as loops, but for all Pro integrations
  • system
    • Gather all Markdown files in Template System, Framework, and their modules
    • Generate pages under /reference
  • docs
    • Generate pages under /reference/documenation by copying Markdown files from this docs repo
  • all - All of the above


  • fields

    • Extract field definitions from Fields module

    • Save them to generate//field-types as JSON files

    • Import them from docs pages and render a table of all fields and their parameters.

      Maybe merge them with Block Control docs

  • fields-pro

    • Same as fields, but for Fields Pro module
    • Copy any Markdown files as pages