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How to adjust the resolution or size of a featured image

The request

Is it possible to select the render size of a featured image field? See original thread

The solution

<img src="{Field image_url size=thumbnail}" alt="{Field image_alt}" width="50">
<img src="{Field image_url}" sizes="{Field image_sizes}" srcset="{Field image_srcset}" alt="{Field image_alt}" width="50">

The explanation

The fastest way to display a post's featured image with L&L is to simply write <Field image />. But what happens when we want a bit more control over the resolution of the rendered image or the size it gets displayed in the browser? Instead of reinventing the wheel, the best approach is to simply use HTML's img tag and then use L&L's dynamic tags to fill in its attributes. When working with the post's featured image, you can dynamically fill any values you need using the Field tag with the image_* attribute (noted here where that asterisk can be replaced by any field available in the attachment loop. If you simply want to use your site's default resolution for the image and adjust the size at which the image is displayed, the basic width or height attributes should be all you need. However, if you want to modify the actual resolution that's sent to a user's browser, there are two approaches to this.

The first approach is to use the size attribute that accompanies the image_url field, as documented in the attachment loop. In the value of this attribute, you can specify any of the default WordPress image sizes or other image sizes you've added to your site. The second approach is to use the img tag's sizes and srcset attributes to render different image resolutions on different screen sizes. While the latter is generally the best approach for performance and responsiveness, it may not be necessary in all cases.

If the image you're working with isn't the post's featured image but is instead a custom field that contains an image, the same process applies, but you'll need to open an attachment loop to get data from the image.