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How to order terms alphabetically by ACF text field and hide empty terms

The request

I’m displaying terms and (1) want to order them alphabetically by an ACF text field, not the term’s title; and (2) hide empty terms, i.e. those terms that were created but have not been assigned to any posts. View initial thread

The solution

<Loop taxonomy=guest orderby_field=name_ordering hide_empty=true>

The explanation

(1) Order terms by a custom field alphabetically

The orderby_field parameter accepts a field name and orders the returned items (in this case taxonomy terms) alphabetically by the custom field. It's compatible with the post loop and the taxonomy_term loop for now.

(2) Hide empty terms in a taxonomy_term loop

The hide_terms parameter (false by default) hides terms which have no associated posts. Use it by adding hide_terms=true to your loop tag.