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How to display a post editing link only when the current user is the post's author

The request

I want to add a post edit link to posts and show those links to the post author only if they are logged in. View original thread

The solution

<If user_field=name is value="{Field author_name}">
<a href="{Field edit_url}">Edit post</a>

The explanation

The first step is to create a conditional statement that renders true when the current user is a post's author. We can use user_field=name as the subject to check the user name of the currently logged-in user and then we can use Field author_name to get the author name of the current post. If those two match, we're golden!

The next step is to create a dynamic URL that should be rendered when our conditional logic is true. This is easy because there's a post field called edit_url that we can use to dynamically fill the href value.