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The Url tag gets various URLs for links.


<Url plugins />


  • current - URL of the current page
  • site - Site root
  • home - Home
  • admin - URL of wp-admin
  • theme - Theme
  • child_theme - Child theme
  • content - URL of wp-content
  • plugins - Plugins folder
  • uploads - Uploads folder

Login, logout, register

These URLs redirect to the site home page by default.

Pass a parameter redirect to set the redirect URL.

  • login - Login
  • logout - Logout
  • register - User registration


  • network_site - Network site root
  • network_home - Network home
  • network_admin - Network admin

URL Query

The "query", in this context, means the part of a URL that comes after ? (question mark). Each query parameter has a name, = (equal sign), and value. They are joined with & (ampersand). For example, let's take this URL:

Use the query attribute to get a parameter value by referencing its name. The example below would output the value blue:

<Url query=color />

Use the attribute without specifying a value to return the full query string in the current URL. The example below would output the value color=blue&size=small:

To return the current URL including all query parameters, set the attribute equal to true. The example below would output the value

<Url query=true />