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The Async tag is used to improve page load time. It creates an empty HTML element, and after the page has loaded, a little script makes an asynchronous request to the server to render the template. This approach is also known as "lazy loading".

Note that this tag is a module, which means that it loads an additional library when used.


A list of a thousand posts typically takes a few seconds to finish loading.

<Loop type=post count=1000>
<Field title />

Wrap the above template with the Async tag:


The page will load immediately, then it gets the content from the server.


There are some disadvantages to this approach.

  • Page layout can shift around as the content is being loaded.
  • Some search engines might not be able to index the content.
  • Currently, modules that require additional script files (such as pagination, slider, form, and dynamic table) are not supported. Work is in progress on a module loader to solve this.