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Taxonomy term

For loop type taxonomy_term, here are the query parameters and fields.

Query parameters

  • children - Set true to include only child terms
    Type: boolean

  • exclude - Exclude terms by ID(s) or slug(s)
    Type: string, array

  • hide_empty - Hide terms not assigned to any post - true or false (default)
    Type: boolean

  • id - Get terms by ID(s)
    Type: number, array

  • include - Include terms by ID(s) or slug(s)
    Type: string, array

  • name - Get terms by name/slug(s)
    Type: string, array

  • order - Order: asc (ascending) or desc (descending)
    Type: string - Default: asc

  • orderby - Order by one of: name, title (default), term_id, menu_order, count
    Type: string - Default: title

  • orderby_field - Order by custom field
    Type: string

  • orderby_field_number - Order by custom field whose value is a number
    Type: string

  • parent - Get terms by its parent term's ID or slug
    Type: number, string

  • parents - Set true to include only top-level parent terms
    Type: boolean

  • post - Corresponding post ID(s) for term retrieval or "current" for current post
    Type: number, array

  • taxonomy - Get terms by taxonomy
    Type: string

  • terms - Alias for "include"
    Type: string, array


  • ancestors - Ancestor term IDs (or loop instance) from lowest to highest level; Set reverse=true to go from top-level down
    Loop type: taxonomy_term

  • children - Children term IDs (or loop instance)
    Loop type: taxonomy_term

  • count - Post count

  • id - Term ID

  • name - Term name

  • parent - Parent term ID (or loop instance)
    Loop type: taxonomy_term

  • posts - Loop instance of posts that belong to current term
    Loop type: post

  • taxonomy - Taxonomy name (or loop instance)
    Loop type: taxonomy

  • title - Term title

  • url - URL to term archive page


Use the taxonomy attribute as a shortcut.

<Loop taxonomy=category>
<Field title />

The above is the same as:

<Loop type=taxonomy_term taxonomy=category>
<Field title />

The Taxonomy tag provides another way to express it.

<Taxonomy category>
<Term title />