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Loop variable type

The variable type loop provides variables related to the current loop.

Use the Get tag and the loop attribute.

<Get loop=count />
  • count - Current loop count, an index starting from 1
  • total - Total number of items in current loop
  • previous_total - Total number of items in previous loop, after it's closed

Field loop

For fields that are loop instances, like a list or ACF repeater, use the field attribute (or ACF field type) to specify the field name.

For example, to get the number of total items in a repeater field:

<Get loop=total acf_repeater=field_name />

Query variable type

The variable type query allows multiple loops to reuse the same query.

Set query

Use the Set tag and the query attribute to create a loop instance with given variable name.

The example below defines the query variable recent_posts.

<Set query=recent_posts type=post count=3 />

All attributes except for query are treated the same as the Loop tag.

Loop query

Use the Loop tag with query attribute to loop through the stored query.

<Loop query=recent_posts>

This can be done multiple times without creating new queries.

Default query

The query variable called default is a special one, which sets the default query.

<Set query=default type=post name=example-post />

Typically, this will be a query for a single item, such as a post of any post type.

The default query is used for fields outside of any loop.

<Field title />

The above would show the title of the example post.