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This is a feature for AJAX pagination of loops.

With the Loop tag, use the paged attribute to define the number of items per page.

<Loop type=post paged=2>

This will wrap the loop with an HTML element, and enqueue the pagination script.

Currently, the feature only supports the Post loop type: posts, pages, custom post types. (And ACF relationship field, which uses post loop internally.)


After the loop, use the PaginateButtons tag to display buttons for navigating between pages.

<PaginateButtons />

If there is only one page, it will not display anything.

Scroll top

To enable "scroll to top" behavior, set the attribute scroll_top to true.

<PaginateButtons scroll_top=true />

On navigating to a new page, it scrolls to the top of the paged content. This can be helpful if you have pages that could be longer than screen height.

Smooth scroll

By default, it animates moving to the top for a "smooth scroll" effect.

Use the attribute scroll_animate to change its behavior.

It can be false to disable animation, which makes it jump to the top.

<PaginateButtons scroll_top=true scroll_animate=false />

Or it can be set to a number, for the animate duration in milliseconds. The default is 300.

<PaginateButtons scroll_top=true scroll_animate=2000 />

The above will scroll at a leisurely pace of two seconds.


Optionally, use the PaginateFields tag to display current pagination state.

Page <Field current_page /> of <Field total_pages />

Available fields are:

  • current_page - Current page
  • total_pages - Total number of pages

The current page will be updated as the user navigates pages.


Here's a full example of loop pagination.

<Loop type=post paged=2>
<a href="{Field url}"><Field title /></a>

<PaginateButtons />

Page <Field current_page /> of <Field total_pages />