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Logic Variables

For building up a complex condition, use Set and Get.

Set condition

Use the attribute logic, which is a special variable type.

<Set logic=complex_condition all=true>
<If first_condition>true<Else />false</If>
<If second_condition>true<Else />false</If>

Each conditition should output true or false.

By default, the attribute all=true is assumed. Conditions are combined as an AND statement. It means all conditions must be true; in other words, there must be no "false" value.

Use the attribute any=true to combine them as an OR statement. That means at least one condition must be true; in other words, there must be at least one "true" value.

To check how the logic variable is being evaluated, use the attribute debug=true during development. It will display the intermediate content (a combination of true and false values) and the final result (true or false).

Get condition

When you get a variable of this type, it returns either true, or empty for false.

<Get logic=complex_condition />

If logic

The If tag can reference this variable with the logic attribute.

<If logic=complex_condition>
It's true!