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Date Conditionals

These If tag subjects support date conditionals.

  • check - Check any given value
  • field - Field value with date
  • acf_date - ACF Date field
  • acf_date_time - ACF Date/Time field

The following operators are provided for comparing date values.

  • before - Before a given date
  • before_inclusive - Before and including given date
  • after - After a given date
  • after_inclusive - After and including given date


Compare two dates

<If check="{Date format=timestamp}" after="2001-01-01">
We're in the 21st century.

Compare field value to given date

<If field=some_field before=today>
The event is in the past.

Compare ACF date field

<If acf_date=some_field after=today>
The event is in the future.

Using timestamps

To reliably compare dates, it's best to convert them to timestamps.


To use the Date tag and format attribute:

<Date format=timestamp />
<Date format=timestamp>tomorrow</Date>
<Date format=timestamp>2022-02-02</Date>

See Date tag for details.


To use the Field tag and date_format attribute:

<Field publish_date date_format=timestamp />

From format

If the value is not in a standard format such as Y-m-d or Y-m-d H:i:s, it might be necessary to use the from_format attribute.

See Date tag: Convert from format for an explanation.