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For loop type user, here are the query parameters and fields.

Query parameters

  • exclude - Exclude users by ID or name
    Type: string, array
  • id - Get user by ID(s) or 'current' for the current user
    Type: string, array
  • include - Include users by ID or name
    Type: string, array
  • name - User by name/slug
    Type: string, array
  • not_role - Exclude user role(s)
    Type: string, array
  • order - Order: asc (ascending) or desc (descending)
    Type: string
    Default: asc
  • orderby - Order by field
    Type: string, array
    Default: display_name
  • paged - Items per page
    Type: number
    Default: 10
  • role - User role(s)
    Type: string, array


  • archive_url - Post archive URL
  • avatar - Avatar image
  • avatar_url - Avatar URL
  • edit_url - Edit URL
  • email - Email
  • full_name - Full name
  • id - ID
  • locale - User locale from the Language setting in profile edit screen
  • name - Name
  • post_count - Post count
  • registration_date - Registration date
  • roles - User role(s)
  • url - URL

User conditions

Current user is logged in

<If user exists>

Current user is not logged in

<If not user exists>

Current user is admin

<If user_role includes value=administrator>

User field value

<If user_field=field_name value="something">

User tag

The User tag is a shortcut to get a field from the current user.